Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting Into Shape

So this is it, pushed into service by many friends who think the jumble of ideas in my head are worth examination by the masses. Well, here goes. A middle aged man with a wife, kid, and an ok life in Montreal is subjecting himself to public inspection. Let's start with my first obsession of late - getting back into shape. I have been boring co-workers, friends, and acquaintances with my obsessive attempt to regain a shred of my skinny youth. Since I consider myself to be one who is capable of either incredible self-discipline or self-abuse, staying on the fitness track is something I return to every time a new life milestone has been reached. Since 44 is the new 35, 2008 is yet another year when I am counting calories and exercizing every chance I get. I always invoke this particular image

Since I am not a gun nut or prone to violence, let's just say I substitute gun shots with food groups I am trying to avoid: One shot for cake, one for Coca Cola, one for french fries, and several for the product that has been the undoing of my families waistlines for generations - bread. I've lost 12 lbs already and have 3 to go. There, said it, no need to bother my friends.

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jason67 said...

I just joined the gym this summer, after my own milestone: my 31st birthday!

Watching carbs (not "avoiding", but "watching") is a trick that really works.

That's why I order salad instead of fries at Chalet Bar B-Q!